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Video Games Deals US: Beyond: Two Souls Now Available For $29.99

Beyond: Two Souls, the PlayStation 3 exclusive adventure game developed by Quantic Dream, is now available for a reduced price on Best Buy. The deal is only available for gamers living in the US, as Best Buy doesn’t ship outside the country.

Beyond: Two Souls’ price has been lowered to $29.99 from $59.99, allowing you to save $30. Make sure to take advantage of this deal if you have loved Heavy Rain and want to experience something similar.

Jodie Holmes is not like other girls her age. Jodie possesses incredible powers through a psychic link that she shares with a mysterious and invisible entity. With this power, Jodie travels across the globe and faces incredible obstacles and challenges that will drain her physically and emotionally. With the control of Jodie now in your hands, you also control the fate of two souls.

Dive into a thrilling and unpredictable story packed with action in BEYOND: Two Souls. Portrayed by actress Ellen Page, Jodie Holmes possesses great power through a psychic link she shares with a mysterious entity. Take control of Jodie, playing as both her and the mysterious entity, in a journey to determine her fate. Experience striking moments of Jodie’s life as she faces incredible challenges, set against an emotionally-charged backdrop, for a story and gameplay experience like nothing else. Beautiful artwork and a new game engine will pull you deeper into Jodie’s world — a world beyond anything you’ve seen before.

Product Features

Dive into a gripping and unpredictable psychological thriller, starring the Academy-Award-nominated actress Ellen Page

Play as Jodie Holmes, as well as the invisible entity with which she shares a psychic link

Experience the action-packed moments of Jodie’s life as your actions and decisions determine her fate

Face incredible challenges against the backdrop of emotionally-charged events while traveling the globe for an experience like never before

Experience Quantic Dream’s cutting edge-technology that delivers a new game engine and visually beautiful gameplay

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