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Demon’s Souls Digital Now Available For $11 On Amazon

The first entry of the Souls series developed by From Software is available for a very low price on Amazon.

Demon’s Souls Digital is currently available for only $11. The offered version is the PSN version, so you will have to redeem the code with a US PSN account and then download the game on your system. Make sure to have enough storage space to download and install the game on your PlayStation 3 system.

The game’s is still today considered as one of the finest role playing games released on PlayStation 3. The game is as though as later entries of the series and, at times, even more obscure, as the several gameplay mechanics are never fully explained in the game. Still, the atmosphere is great and so is the gameplay experience, so consider getting the game if you have completed the two Dark Souls games and want to experience more of the same gameplay experience. Demon’s Souls may lack some of the enhancements of later games, but it’s an excellent experience from beginning to end.


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