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Dead Space 3 Complete Pack PC Digital Now Available For A Reduced Price On Amazon

Dead Space 3 Complete Pack

The Dead Space 3 Complete Pack, the definitive version of the latest entry of the Dead Space series, is now available for a very low price online.

Amazon currently lists the game with a $9.97 price, 78% off its usual price. The offered version is the PC digital one, meaning that you will require an Origin account to redeem the code, download and play the game.

The Dead Space 3 Complete Pack includes the full Dead Space 3 as well as the Dead Space 3: Awakened and Dead Space 3: Tau Volantis Survival Kit, the two DLC packs released for the game.

Dead Space 3 has been released back in 2013 on consoles and PC. The game has been well received for its gameplay experience but also criticized the more action direction of it, placing the horror elements in the back. The game has also been criticized for its story, which is quite unfocused when compared with the previous entries of the series.

Alongside the regular single player campaign, Dead Space 3 also comes with a online co-op mode, which allow gamers to unlock extra story details that wouldn’t be available otherwise. This mode also opens up plenty of nice gameplay possibilities.

Dead Space 3 is now available on consoles and PC.

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