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Battlefield 4 PC Digital Discounted On GameStop

Battlefield 4


The PC Digital version of Battlefield 4, the latest entry of the Battlefield series, is now available for a reduced price on GameStop.

The retailer currently has the game on sale for only $13.39, a really low price when compared to the full $49.99 price. Also note that you will require a free Origin account to download and play the game.

Battlefield 4 has been developed by DICE, like the rest of the series. The game feature several changes compared to the older games like the tweaks to the interface, the ability to use dual-scoped weapons, the ability to spot and mark targets in multiplayer mode and much more.

The single player campaign is an interesting take on the first person shooter genre, made up of mini sandbox style levels that can be quickly explored thanks to the many vehicles included in the game.

The true meat of Battlefield 4 is the online multiplayer mode, which includes three different factions, multiple and diverse maps, the unique Commander Mode, a spectator mode and much more.

Battlefield 4 is now available on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.The game is an excellent first person shooter so make sure to take advantage of the deal as soon as possible if you enjoy this type of game and want to play one of the best shooters released in recent years.

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