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Batman: Arkham Origins Discounted On The Humble Store

Batman: Arkham Origins is now available for a very low price on the Humble Store.

The offered version is the Steam digital one so you’ll need a free Steam account in order to download and play the game. With such a low price, no true fan of Batman should pass on the game.

Batman: Arkham Origins is the third entry of the Arkham series, released last year on consoles and PC. The game is a prequel for the whole series, taking place in the second year of Batman.

The city of Gotham doesn’t really know Batman and has only heard of him through rumors, often exaggerated. The city, however, has the chance to learn more about the masked hero during a Christmas Eve night, where crime lord Black Mask places a bounty of Batman’s head, summoning several deadly assassins to the city, among them Bane, Lady Shiva, the Electrocutioner and others.

Batman: Arkham Origins’ plot is probably the best of the entire series, offering some really interesting twists and featuring a different Batman from what fans know, a more brutal man that has yet to learn the proper way to deal with Gotham’s crime. Thanks to this, gamers will be able to witness the growth of Bruce Wayne during the course of the game, with his interaction with Alfred being especially good.

Batman: Arkham Origins’ gameplay experience is not too different from the one seen in the previous entry of the series. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad game, since it’s been slightly expanded with new features and new upgrades for Batman that make exploration and combat really exciting. Several boss battles have also been included, providing some variety to the gameplay experience.

Batman: Arkham Origins is now available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC.


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